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Again I say, Unity!

In the Book of Revelation, with the Apostle John’s vision of our Lord Jesus Christ, are a series of seven short letters written to SEVEN churches in Asia Minor, corresponding with modern-day Turkey – Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea.

Now, the Apostle Paul’s letters to the churches were written over a period of fourteen years to SEVEN churches scattered throughout Asia Minor, Greece, and Rome.

Each church had its own issues. Each was an individual church with the same Trunk of the Tree foundation and doctrine.

They were all from the Church of God but were in various locations. Each was run in ways that had obviously mild differences – but still within the established doctrinal guideline (cf. Jude 1:3).

The Body of Christ is from ONE TRUNK OF THE TREE, but with many branches. These branches are in various areas, but all are connected to the Trunk of the Tree – our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Church of God can be composed of 2 or 3 people who’ve come together in the same Spirit, in the worship of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ in Spirit and in Truth, and in fellowshipping. A group of spiritually like-minded people equals a Church family.

Throughout the world, many groups are doing their part by the portion of God’s Spirit that has been gifted to them. Each may grow to be stronger or weaker in a particular area in the glorious service of the LORD God (the family of God, at this time composed of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ). Sometimes one may go from one particular group and then “graduate” to a stronger and wiser-led group.

God the Father does the calling (cf. John 6:44). The LORD God brings who’s needed to each particular group. By Their indwelling of Their Spirit within the individual.

With that said, and with what our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us, ’you will know them by their fruits,’ we regard all churches of God that are led by the glorious Holy Spirit and who strive to help others with their spiritual knowledge and growth.

I, personally, won’t debate the matter, should someone be haughty in their thinking, that this or that group is the ONLY ONE and the rest are not. The groups who have a portion of God’s Spirit will be shining their light before men (cf. Matthew 5:14). The Spirit of Truth will be reminding them of all things that our Lord Jesus teaches (cf. John 14:26).

But, when churches have more emphasis on their church leader(‘s), especially the dead leader(‘s), which has been proven that they were IN BIBLICAL ERROR over a great many things – their prophecies and their doctrines, in their “date setting.” Then that group is NOT the living Church that our Lord Jesus Christ had started! Then that group is a ‘synagogue of Satan’ (cf. Revelation 3:9).

There is a huge difference between saying “can it occur” vs. “for a fact it will occur” when stating a date. Such was the blasphemous church leader(‘s) back in 1969 – by declaring that by 1972 (and then 1975) – the end of the age would occur! The now-defunct Worldwide at that time really duped a lot of people! Many people took out a second mortgage on their home to help support this church’s often nefarious efforts.

All their wealth showed for NOTHING by their human pride.

When churches think outside of God’s living word – the Holy Bible – with their own ideologies, then that church group is a ‘synagogue of Satan,’ and NOT the Church that our Lord Jesus Christ had started!

Such as so-called Christian churches that actually deny the living Word of God and embrace ideologies and traditions and other things they do (cf. Matthew 15:3; Mark 7:13).

The forgiving Spirit that our Lord Jesus Christ showed us with the woman who was nearly stoned to death because of her adulterous act – is NOT witnessed very much in these so-called Christian churches of this world!

As an example: When a person is attending one church group that obeys the teachings of our Lord Jesus and everything that His living word says, and then there’s another person who is attending a different church group that also obeys the teachings of our Lord Jesus and everything that His living word says, yet the two groups are insulting and name calling each other – it’s akin to the Church of God of Laodicea insulting and name calling the Church of God of Ephesus. They are the Church of God – even though the two church groups are in different locations! The Apostle Paul admonishes us, “Do all things without complaining and disputing, 15) that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world” – Philippians 2:14-15.

Arguing, insulting, and name-calling amongst the churches DO NOT show the Spirit of God on display among the world.

Now, the churches do need funds for the meeting place. The churches do need funds for the minister(‘s) to travel to assist others in other areas. The churches do need funds for helping others, starting with the widows after they lose their husbands, and orphans when they are without parents. Then the Church should help the homeless. The minister(‘s) should be paid. All of this is biblically based. Does it happen!? Yes, in some of the Church of God groups. In the smaller groups not so much, unless they focus on growth.

There are always going to be those individuals who are against this or that. But, that’s not what is most important – what is important is that the Way of God is established – HIS WILL BE DONE!

Let us not forget, that the living Church of God is not based upon a title. It is based upon the SPIRIT WITHIN THE PEOPLE!

The original Church of God was founded on meeting in private homes of like-minded people. We continue to do this today. It’s going by the biblical example. However, we do get a meeting hall when we have members coming from various areas so that we find the best in-between area.

The Independent Christian Church of God’s goal for the future is to have a building in a good area with a banner out front showing everyone who we are and that they are welcome to visit with us. Also, an idea of having a banner in the lobby telling the people our statement of beliefs, and how our church service is conducted. I feel very strongly that soon this will be a reality – and a very successful one!

When some deny each other who are actually obeying the teachings of our Lord Jesus and everything that His living word says, but due to the title of the club they want nothing to do with each other – proves what spirit they have. And, IT’S NOT OF GOD. □

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