Sunday, July 17, 2022

The Workmen of God


Greetings Everyone! Sabbath service was a real good one. I’m back to preaching after a couple of Sabbath’s away due to Covid-19.

This week’s Message is entitled “Our Outcome.”

The sermon may not be up on our YouTube channel until tomorrow or this Monday, due to uploading issues and internet service issues. My computer is running slower than normal.

Now, I realize that as far as my life goes, THIS is what I was put on Earth to do. To preach the glorious Message of God – the Word of God, the Truth of God, and the ultimate Plan of God. To live by the will of God!

I’ve also come to realize that many people from my past who knew me before my conversion are now the same people that truly DO NOT know me. Even when it comes to some within my own family.

Almighty God is MORE IMPORTANT to me than ANYTHING or ANYONE in my life!

LIVING by the CODE of a true Christian lifestyle is the Way of life for me until I take my last breath in this life.

Delighting (LOVING) God’s holy and righteous LAW – His Way – is truly the way to get close to Father God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It’s showing reverent fear, respect, honor, and love for God. It’s showing God that we want to please Him. We want to be close to Him. To belong to Him.

It’s what makes me tick.

It’s what fulfills my life.

Although I am by no means at all that good of a speaker, and certainly not that much to look at, I am a man of limits. I’m sure that my personality doesn’t gee-and-haw with most. My style may be boring and dull to many. But, as long as I live I’m not changing my spots or colours as to who I am as a true Christian. I’m not going to be anything more than I am. Which is a simple man with simple ways who loves God the Father and our Lord Jesus and desires to share God’s living word in my old-fashioned way – which may be boring to several.

In my heart of hearts, my joy and love is to SHARE GOD’S LIVING TRUTH!


To SEE JOY IN OTHERS brings joy to me.

Nothing compares to the reward of witnessing someone come to understanding and have passion for God.

To witness people who want to OBEY God and live for God.

Now, although it’s exceedingly rare to run into truly Holy Spirit-led people - when I do, they shine like the brightness of the sun.

Thankfully, most of my friends on my Facebook page are Holy Spirit-led people!

This past Sabbath I had a whole lot of self-reflection. I realized that I have grown a whole lot in the glorious Spirit of God over just the last few years. I hope and pray to grow even greater in God’s living grace, truth, and understanding every day!

My joy is being around people with God’s Spirit, who love God and are on the same spiritual path – it is so exceedingly thrilling to me!

I’m finding it more difficult to be around argumentative wishy-washy types who claim that they are a “Christian.”

Christian means follower of Christ. It’s someone who OBEYS CHRIST JESUS. Someone who properly understands that the Old Testament is just as much a part of God’s living truth as the New Testament!

The New Testament brings God’s living word to spiritual Light!

One’s spirit is now able to be guided by God’s Spirit. However, during the Old Testament people had to be constantly reminded to keep the holy Law of God. Now, with God’s Spirit within us, His holy and immutable, and relevant Law is ingrained in our hearts and mind.

When I witness someone who claims to be a “Christian,” and yet embraces and accepts things that God abhors, such as homosexuality and the consumption of pig meat, I find it highly difficult to even be around them. I have shown many throughout the years the PLAIN TRUTH of God’s living word in regards to the topics they continue to DISOBEY God with. They continue not to accept God’s living word because it may mean that they would have to change and they would have to do away with their likes and lusts.

The people who are willingly ignorant are the sort of people that I have found I do not want to be in an audience with. People who REFUSE to accept the undeniable TRUTH of God and who replace it with a bunch of fluff of WORLDLY religious ideas and traditions. It is so taxing to my nerves to even be around and listen to such nonsense.

Through God’s living Spirit, I’m beginning to understand just how the 20th Century Church of God had become so exclusive.

But, brethren, we MUST be a light unto the WORLD! To be a WARNING and WITNESS to them! Truly, it may be us, brethren, that God is using to help call out of this world towards the REAL and LIVING JESUS CHRIST!

We are the workmen of God.

We all, brethren, have a job to do in the service of the LORD our God. We all have ministry work to do in the service of the LORD our God!

God’s living word is clear that women are to minister to other women.

Our Christian duty is NOT just a one-day-a-week job. IT IS EVERY DAY! EVERY MOMENT OF OUR LIFE! To be a Light unto others.

The very word “ministry” is to be a servant of God. And we all need to be servants of the LORD our God.

Truly, the JOY of being around God’s true called out ones is the greatest happiness I find when it comes to being around people.

Thankfully God is allowing my life’s steps to run into people of this world, and I can see a doorway that is open to reaching them by giving a good example. Having Christ Jesus in me being seen by them.

PRAISE JESUS CHRIST’S HOLY NAME for His PERFECT PLAN in the redemption of all mankind!

PRAISE THE ETERNAL GOD for this HOLY DAY! His glorious and wonderful Sabbath rest. I so greatly pray the rest of this world could see what we see in God’s TRUE PLAN and just how the Holy Days along with the weekly Sabbath all show us His ultimate Plan!

Truly, all shall see in due time.


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