Friday, July 8, 2022

Commentary: Marriage and Remarriage According to God w/ Sermon

by Guy LaMar

THERE has been a huge debate going on about Marriage and Remarriage according to God within the Holy Bible.

I have done a sermon covering this very topic.

But, keep in mind, WHO does God's living word speak to!?

Does THIS WORLD truly focus on God's living infallible word!?

No. God's living word is for true CHRISTIANS!

If someone who is of the world gets married, then they certainly will conduct their marriage based upon this world's view of marriage.

But if someone is a true Christian, then they will conduct their marriage based upon God's view of marriage.

In fact, IF someone follows the true manner of God's view of marriage, then that love would be unbreakable. And they certainly would NEVER consider divorce. Because God would be the center of their lives and they would be obeying the rules of their marriage given by God.

ANY marriage that ends in divorce IS NOT a true Christian marriage. That is just a fact. Someone is NOT being a true Christian when the marriage ends in divorce.

Now, if a man and a woman do get a divorce, and then they are called by God the Father into the true faith of God and our Lord Jesus Christ, and then they (now single) fine someone who had also been divorced and who is of the true faith of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ and they decide to get married - then THIS IS A FIRST TIME TRUE CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE for each of them!

They have tried the WORLDLY WAY - which is not God's Way.

This truly would be the first time ever for them both to try God's Way in marriage.

Think about this.

The LORD our God's living eternal word speaks of HIS WAY!

Mankind's way is NOT God's Way. □


Sadly, divorce has become an accepted reality as the solution to an unhappy marriage. But is DIVORCE the right solution!? In some cultures, all a man need do is say "I divorce you," in front of a witness.  Western legislatures are bent on bringing about a QUICK and EASY divorce. Easier, quicker, "no-fault" divorce is certainly the modern Western trend.

Yet, there ARE "Bible grounds" for divorce in God's living word. Minister Guy C. LaMar goes over this in this God-inspired sermon entitled "Divorce." Is it adultery!? Mental or physical cruelty!? What about incompatibility!? The alarming rise in the divorce rate in America is truly a NATIONAL TRAGEDY!

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