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A More Clear Understanding of God’s Living TRUTH


by Guy LaMar

SEVERAL years ago I bought a Faithful Version with Commentary of the Holy Bible and gave it to an old minister. Well, that old minister scoffed at this version, claiming that the King James Version was the best.

UNTIL – he actually OPENED IT UP and began reading it!

Through his studies with the Faithful Version with Commentary of the Holy Bible In Its Original Order, he was in awe of what he had discovered in the Holy Bible!

He announced – of those who are of the true faith of God, who truly commit themselves to God, that this version of the Holy Bible was hands down the extreme best version on the market!

The Commentary within this version put all of God’s living TRUTH in clear and plain understanding. There is no room for debate against God’s living TRUTH once this version of the Bible is opened and read.

Any true Christian within God’s TRUE CHURCH needs to get this version of the Holy Bible – and use it!

It is the best spiritual benefit that one could ask for, to go along with the glorious Holy Spirit working within.

The Holy Bible In Its Original Canonical Order was in seven divisions –

  1. The Law (Pentateuch)
  2. The Prophets
  3. The Writings
  4. The Gospels (and Acts)
  5. The General Epistles
  6. Paul’s Epistles
  7. Revelation
I myself bought over 100 of these lamb-skinned covered Holy Bibles at a great financial cost and gifted them out to people who I believe would actually read it and embrace it. I gifted it to people that I love.

Sadly, nearly none – except a very few – even use this version. They just wanted a free gift, something to have!? Some, nearly demanded that I give them one! I gifted them out to some who were not even in the Church of God or even of the faith. Still, they never use this version!

Well, all I can say is that the LORD our God saw what I was trying to do. I tried to promote His living word. I tried to get people to care enough. Sadly, the nature of mankind often outweighs the true commitment of man to serve the Eternal One.

Sadly, many people are far more loyal to their church-titled versions of the Bible and of being led by their church guru, becoming too stiff-necked to pay attention to a more clear and plain understanding of God’s living TRUTH. Maybe because the credit wouldn’t fall on their leader!?

Our peoples can become so ridiculous when it comes to their religion!

TO THIS DAY I am amazed how people will willingly REPLACE our Lord Jesus Christ with a man, and claim that man (or woman) is MORE IMPORTANT than JESUS CHRIST!!

They say, “We follow Pope Francis as he preaches Jesus!” Or, “We follow Pope Francis as he interprets Jesus.” Or, “We follow Herbert W Armstrong as he preached Jesus!” Or, “We follow Mark Armstrong as he interprets Jesus!”

Brethren, of such things, are blasphemous and super dangerous! The apostle Paul did say, “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ” – 1 Corinthians 11:1, KJV.

But the part most don’t get is the part where he said, “as I ALSO IMITATE CHRIST.”NKJV.

Meaning: WATCH HIM in his way of following JESUS CHRIST!

What did the apostle Paul preach!?

Our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST!

Our main focus should ALWAYS be on JESUS CHRIST!

Sadly, there is a church whose leader is not even an ordained minister – and his flock follows him. And all he does is SPEW hatred and RIGHT-WING political ramblings. Yet, because the leader's father and grandfather were both preachers, the IDOL WORSHIPERS loyally follow this leader. Sadly, they are a group of “yes-men.” He can do no wrong in their eyes. They clearly DO NOT have the fruits of God’s Spirit by following after him. He refuses to (or cannot) write or say the holy name JESUS CHRIST!

Yes, my brethren, the “Boob-Tube” can create many idols. People get obsessed with their idols and they reject Satan the Devil – that is at work through their idols.

With the likes of Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Steven Furtick, Joyce Meyer, and a great many more!

They are ALL WORKERS OF SATAN THE DEVIL used by him to deceive people! And sadly, millions upon millions fall hook line, and sinker for such people. Because “until this day the same veil remains unlifted …”

Make no mistake – we are either STRICT in our manner of worship of God or we DO NOT have God in our lives.

The majority have a fake god in their lives instead!

Anyone that goes along with the Sunday-keepers is going along with the great deceiver – Satan the Devil.

Now, God is no respecter of persons! And if you think that you can bluff God then you are a mere fool! GOD IS NOT GOING TO ACCEPT INTERTWINING HIS TRUTH WITH LIES!

Making your religion fluffy and sweet to fit your emotions is meaningless. We either get SERIOUS MINDED about God’s living truth and get STRICT with God’s living truth or we are NOT God’s begotten children!

Brethren, God has allowed us advanced knowledge towards these end-times. We had better throw away our petty differences and GET ON BOARD with God’s living truth while there is still time.

If we don’t like a true minister of God because his presentation is boring, then that is foolishness. If we don’t like a true minister of God because we think he is too rude or too uptight then we are being foolish.

Friends, READ your Bible – JESUS was very strict and could be rude towards those who didn’t like what He had to say. He didn’t hold back from telling it like it was.

He called those types of people, swine, snakes, and dogs.

He says,’ Hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy about you, saying: ‘These people draw near to Me with their mouth, And honor Me with their lips, But their heart is far from Me.’” In vain do people worship Him teaching lies such as Sunday-keeping over the holy Sabbath!

God does not respect anyone’s fluffy and sweet religion and substitute ideas.

We are either for God or we are for some fluffy made-up god!

Another false minister tried ATTACKING the works of a true minister of God over a book. Because the book had “too many pages” for the false minister, he attacked the book. This false minister was caught in a lie (on camera) claiming things that the book never said.

We NEED TO BE VERY CAREFUL about who we follow in way of those who teach God’s word. We may lose our salvation by allowing idols to misguide us.

The Holy Bible In Its Original Order (A New English Translation) – A Faithful Version with Commentary is bar none the best version of the Holy Bible on the market. And all true Christians should get a copy for themselves and OPEN IT UP – PRAY ABOUT IT – READ IT! Anyone who does will surely be greatly blessed for doing so.

May the LORD our God bless all of God’s people who seek His living truth. □

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