Thursday, July 14, 2022

Commentary: A Need For Strong Leadersip

by Guy LaMar

I’ve been watching a few messages from various church groups splintered from the Church of God.

And, this is just my personal observation.

I am not too keen on what I am seeing from some.

There are a few of the groups within these same organizations that do have some good strong ministers, and also a few with some weak ministers.

The older ministers appear more strong while the younger ministers appear more liberal.

Some appear too spooked in saying anything that may offend.

Now, I’ll let you know something about me – I DO NOT like weakness. In fact, I frankly HATE it!

And, I’m not talking about being mean here. I’m talking about not standing against what is clearly WRONG!

There are too many people walking around with very fragile feelings.

Leaders in the churches are trying to cater to the more spoiled. I DO NOT like this.

I raised my sons with strict sternness. I NEVER gave them a 2nd warning.

And they turned out just fine and dandy. No matter what – they have always shown me respect.

And to this day I still offer my guidance. They may not always agree with it, but they listen and grant that respect.

If they don’t agree then that just proves that they have a lot more growing to do … hahaha! 😆

But seriously, the point is, some of the churches need to tighten up their belts and STOP being so weak!

Brethren, I can clearly see various Church of God groups falling into a trap of liberalism.

And this problem begins at the top – with the church leadership.

Without giving out any names, I can certainly think of FOUR groups where the church leadership is failing terribly by catering to the spoiled. And, I can think of TWO groups who are like a Cult of Idolatry because of their leadership.

One group comes to mind where the church “head honcho” just loves to brag himself up as an important figure to where he is the “main” guy among this world’s population! And then there’s another group in which its leader speaks more about himself than anything else!

And, I can think of another group that has literally wrapped everything around Right-Wing political views. And they actually believe they are God’s Church! It’s truly insane!

There are TWO groups that come to mind who have very grounded leadership guiding them. The elders of these groups stay very close to the “Trunk of the Tree” – the spiritual tree.

Through the years I have spoken to many within various churches of God and it’s actually becoming much harder to find a more balanced group.

There are also some groups that embrace Hebrew names and believe that they are being righteous for doing so.

Brethren, these so-called “sacred name” groups NEED to block me, I am not going to help promote you. They are people who get off on these crazy calendars or make them up each year. They need not be here! The Independent Christian Church of God and our affiliated churches will not agree with them!

Oh my, how there are so many groups out there completely off course!

Brethren, we NEED to get back to the SOUND and STRONG footing of the living Word of God, the Truth of God, and the Plan of God!

We NEED to stay in the living word of God – the Holy Bible – on matters that matter!

Not political junk that comes and goes.

Not the spewing of hatred concerning political leaders.

Not whinny storytellers who only self-glorify.

We NEED strong solid good leadership with common sense and intellectual thinking.

For crying out loud, since the ministry is led by men, the men NEED to be STRONGER and more STERN in making sure that the living truth of God stays solid!

When a person comes into a church and begins to try and get their own agenda going, then that is when the leadership's foot needs to be implemented to that person's derrière!

These fluffy churches which are all dramatic and like to get all showy, they are all based upon taking out intellectual reasoning and replacing it with a bunch of fluffy gobbledygook! □

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