Sunday, October 31, 2021


October 31, 2021

Something to think about...

For those who are of the glorious Body of Christ (Church of God), 95-99% of all the COGs believe the same salvation matters.

The things that they differ on are based upon a CULT mentality - in which the people are either under the control of the ministry by "mind control," where they are placed within a small box and must believe only as the church leaders allow them to believe.

Or, they have minor somewhat petter differences.

Is there unity!?


It's their own self-made choices to be a part of these cultish Jesus-lacking organizations!

Many follow leaders of men who have been placed upon a pedestal by church propagandists - to where the living Jesus Christ is NOT their main focus!

Or, some have embraced man-made "church" ideologies that prevent the people from being able to be in common faith contact with others of the same faith.

Which all equals an UGLY spirit and an UGLY look upon each other, all in the name of a so-called "loving" religion.

None of which equals the Way of Jesus Christ!

It's just merely people playing as though they are "Christian," when in reality they are not!

Brethren, we had better LOOK TO JESUS as our spiritual and Life-guide before our time is up and a harsh judgment befalls us.

Yours in Christ,
Guy C. LaMar

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