Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Judgmental Religion

OF LATE I’ve been evaluating people that cling to the “deep depths” of their religion.

They go so deep that they become rather petty and judgmental towards others.

Now, this is a sad thing.

Because, when you look to JESUS you will find that He offered not harsh and petty judgments, but rather compassion, concern, empathy, and a very caring correction for those that missed the mark. He showed LOVE for all.

Our Lord Jesus Christ did NOT go around calling out every flaw in every man that He came across.

He truly walked alone in full righteousness, but He was NOT puffed-up in His religion.

He didn’t go around throwing people into deep water with a millstone hung around their neck!

He didn’t go around gossiping about others.

He was not a petty person.

Instead, He showed true LOVE and UNDERSTANDING towards everyone.

After all, He knows His creation!

Just as the Father knows who are His begotten sons and daughters, so does our Lord Jesus Christ know His begotten brothers and sisters.

I don’t know if many people really think about this – but a child is made in the image and the likeness of its parents.

The child comes from the parents.

A child is an extension of its parents – like a clone.

Now, the parents (a married husband and wife) are supposed to be bonded together, as one in thought and deed. Just as God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ are one – cf. John 10:30.

So, God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ are ONE, and when They had created man, They certainly knew the flaws of Their creation – yet, allowing man to be a free moral agent.

However, as the generations of man went on, the further away people strayed, becoming entangled with various free moral agency personalities, they traveled further and further away from their parent – God.

Remember – God is a FAMILY!

God is currently made up of the Father and the Son – Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit is but Their presence aboding within those of whom They have chosen among man.

The point is: Don’t make your religion into something that is NOT what JESUS showed us to live by.

Religion can be evil.

Including this world’s “Counterfeit Christianity” religion.

Because MANY people take the “Christian” religion and perverse it by making it into a religion of hate. So many people choose things to use against others in a hateful manner.

They will use their religion to find a reason to attack and even murder others – while not looking in the mirror at their own flaws.

Often people will allow their religion to make them even more self-righteous!

So, do not cast stones if you are a true Christian. Call out sin for the sin that it is.

Look for good in all people, to outweigh their flaws.

Focus on the good of people instead of the flaws that you may, and can certainly find.

This is showing more love than bitter pettiness.

Attacking people’s personal manners of their attempts to worship God is wrong! Let us give all people respect for their efforts and their desire in seeking to worship God.

For decades I have witnessed people claiming that THEY ONLY have the truth of God, and they would dog others for not having that truth. Those types of people are no more a true Christian than a field mouse.

Don’t lead by your good arguments – lead by your good ways. □

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