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Commentary: Long Life

by Guy C. LaMar

In the Book of Genesis chapter 6, the LORD God says –

“ … ‘My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY YEARS’” – Genesis 6:3, NKJV throughout.

Now what the LORD God is saying here is that beginning from that time forward mankind only had 120 years left to live upon the earth, because the LORD God was going to allow the Great Flood to occur upon the world.

So, mankind only had 120 years to live at that time.

It does not mean that mankind cannot live past 120 years. According to a Twitter tweet, a 300-year-old Pakistani woman is alive and well!?

So, the LORD God’s reference here to 120 years was a countdown until the Great Flood.

Now obviously mankind cannot live 1,000 years in the flesh.

The oldest patriarch in God’s living word – the Holy Bible – recorded was Methuselah, the grandfather of Noah, and he lived 969 years of age; and he died. Patriarch Noah lived 950 years; and he died. Our father Adam lived 930 years; and he died.

Now, Methuselah’s grandfather was the pre-Deluge Patriarch Enoch, who ‘walked with God 365 years, and God took him’ – and he eventually died.

Methuselah’s son Lamech, the father of Noah, lived 777 years; and he died.

These four men all died natural deaths before the Great Flood.

Patriarch Noah died a natural death after the Great Flood.

Now, why were humans living so long!?

There are many theories which abound. One of which is “Perhaps a canopy of water vapor surrounded the earth before the flood, providing the massive volume of water required for a global flood. If so, this continual blanket of clouds could have shielded the earth from the effects of harmful cosmic radiation, creating ideal living conditions and resulting in longer lives.” 1

Indeed, the oxygen level in Earth’s present atmosphere is 21%. Earth’s ancient atmospheric oxygen level, according to the analysis of air bubbles trapped in ancient amber, was at one time 35%!

Also, they WORKED WITH THEIR HANDS! They certainly were not lazy gluttons, and they were not sitting around living off the government, popping pills, drinking alcohol to excess, smoking funny cigarettes, and eating junk food!

They also were not overcrowding their minds with pure junk that is offered in the world!

They were physical and active people!

Also, the men mentioned, abided in the dietary laws commanded by the LORD God – cf. Leviticus 11. These men lived by the commanded laws of the LORD God.

Their focus was on the LORD God.

Patriarch Mahalalel (which means “the shining one of El”), lived 895 years; and he died. Seth, a son of Adam, when men began to ‘call on the name of the LORD’ – meaning, they began to include the name of God within their own name, such as Mahalalel – lived 912 years; and he died. Enosh, one of Seth’s sons, lived 905 years; and he died. Cainan, a son of Enosh, lived 910 years; and he died. Patriarch Jared lived 962 years; and he died.

After the Great Flood, the life of mankind began to shorten.

This was due in part to climate change, environmental change, oxygen levels, diet, along with the way that people began to live as they crowded themselves into cities.

Postdiluvians Arphaxad lived 403 years, Salah lived 403 years, Eber lived 430 years, Peleg lived 209 years, Reu lived 207 years, and Serug lived 200 years.

Now, lifespans are not based upon how well one may look as one grows in age. Often I hear people say that this person or that person looks so old at 50 or 70 years old. Well, it could be possible that a particular individual actually LIVED and not just existed.

That individual actually DID SOMETHING with their life – as in, they made a difference in others’ lives. And, mostly for the betterment of others, not for the detriment of others. The individual “gave” of themselves – to the degree that he/she now has stress-lines upon his/her face.

Also, of course, physical abuse of the body can bring upon early death. If a person does not physically take care of themselves they can easily hurt themselves and greatly shorten their life.

Make no mistake – if a person truly applies themselves, lives right, applies God’s Way, then they can be assured a much longer and more fulfilling life.

Also, if they apply a more positive mindset and stay clear of negative people, then they may indeed live a much longer life.

Trusting in man over the LORD God will certainly hinder one’s life!

Yet, and it may be true, that a person may pack in their life so much living that by the time they reach 50 or 70 years of age, they have truly lived more than someone who had lived 300 years of age!?

King David was like that. He died at the age of 70 (2 Samuel 5:4), and had lived a long and fulfilling life! He truly did more in 70 years than most people do in 300 years!

When we place the LORD God as the main focus in our life, we live our life in service to God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, we will truly experience a far more fulfilling life. We will know just what fulfillment is all about.

The KINGDOM to come to this EARTH will last a THOUSAND YEARS to begin the establishment of the ETERNAL RULE of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ’s Way under the direction of the saints of God. □


1) “Why Did People Live So Long Before The Flood?” Retrieved 2 Oct 2021.

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