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Our Top Ten Articles of 2023

GREETINGS Brethren and Friends around the world - including our peoples in Brussels, Belgium; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; London, England, and Lesznowola, Poland! The Church of Jesus Christ Online Ministries (COJCOM) is pleased to bring you our top ten articles of 2023!

10) What Was Christ Jesus!?

Not only were some even then turning to “a different gospel, which is NOT ANOTHER,” but they were also turning to a different Christ. To a Christ that did not die. 

9) Letter to our Friends - February 9, 2023

I’ve been busy working on online booklets translated into Kiswahili, for our brethren and friends located in Tanzania, Kenya, and Mozambique, Africa. We have a few translated: Imani yako ni ya kibiblia? …na unaweza kuthibitisha hilo?, also Je, Mungu Ni UTATU? Along with ...

A Morning Bible Study - Just What Is Armageddon?

In our latest Letter to our Friends, we briefly speak of Armageddon. Just what is Armageddon!? 

7) A Morning Bible Study - What Is Repentance?

Just what does it mean to repent? Is real repentance just an emotional feeling? Is it just merely feeling sorry for having made some mistakes in life!? What is God's definition of true repentance? Let us here in this Bible Study examine what true repentance is and is not, detailing what God's definition of real repentance truly is.

6) To Jesus Be the Glory - Chapter One (Sermon)

Today I would like to talk about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
     If you would, turn in your Bible ─ I have with me today my old Bible, but I also have my new Bible. It has a larger print. If you would, turn to the Book of Genesis chapter 1, verse 1.

5) Personal From... Greed for our time!

The other night I watched on television again a great movie “Darkest Hour,” the 2017 war drama featuring the legendary Sir Winston Churchill─ one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century─ and his unwavering belief that ...

4) Letter to our Friends - January 17, 2023

There are according to Volcano Discovery 27 different erupting volcanoes AT THIS VERY MOMENT! And a great many others around the world are showing signs of waking up! We are also witnessing a lot of unusual earthquakes around the world. ...

3) Revelation - A Book of the Past and the Future (Part 7)

Let us continue in this series of Revelation that we began in November of 2020. Indeed it is a DANGEROUS BUSINESS to stand up for one’s cause! Isn’t it!? We have certainly seen this first-hand in China. ...

END-TIME PROPHETS (Online Book) - Chapter 1

I want to point out – the “end-time prophets” – the Two Witnesses, it is indeed in the realm of prophecy. And we’re told in the Book of Peter ‘that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet's own interpretation.’ ...

1) Commentary: Paganism and this world

WHEN pagans (servants of Satan the Devil) entwine their LIES with the living TRUTH of God, that is when this world embraces those lies to stick. ...

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