Saturday, January 1, 2022

Our Top Ten Articles of 2021

Greetings friends around the world, including our friends in Ireland, New South Wales, Kentucky state, Ohio, and Scrappoose, Oregon. The Church of Jesus Christ Online Ministries is so pleased to bring you the top ten articles of 2021!

Everyone has their own feelings towards things - and that's a fact. But when you base your life on what the living word of God - the Holy Bible - says on a matter then you are automatically going to be hated by the world.

Just what is God's throne like!? Just what is Jesus Christ like in His glory!? Just what is Heaven like?

Friends, how is it that “God” is called “God” by the native tongues of various regions around the world!?

The religious leaders of our Lord Jesus Christ’s day knew He was going to come. ... But they completely missed the underlying reason for WHY He came!

Friends, what does Almighty God say about a wicked and spiritually adulterous generation!? A generation of which we live in today!?

What is it about the Book of Revelation which is so interesting and appealing!?

What has happened before will happen again on a bigger scale at the end-times.

The Book of Revelation is a Book that connects all prophecies of God together. It's a Book of the past, present, and future.

Greetings Friends and warm hearts all around the world from Spring Hill, Florida. [...]

Good Morning America! We wake up this morning and discover that the Leftists and their agenda are pushing ever-stronger for their ultimate goal for America ... What will be the response!?

Here are last year's Top Ten Articles of 2020.

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