Monday, December 20, 2021

Personal From... present evil age of technology


present evil age of technology


We certainly are living in spooky times.

A time when our computers or cell phones can so easily be compromised by hackers, or people you know – or thought you knew – who are knowingly or unknowingly out to screw you over!

And then the next thing you know, the police, the FBI, or even the CIA, is knocking on your door as a person of interest in some garbage Ponzi scheme!?

O’ how so much better it was in the days of the 80s on back!

When times were so much more simple and so much better than these which we are living in – a time when EVERYONE appears to KNOW everyone else’s business, based upon a lot of false information and fake news! This present evil age of technology!

Personally, I have researched online and discovered that there is a large amount of garbage about me being spewed out! Complete and utter stupid things came up about me!

Now, throughout the years I have had several phone numbers. Because I like to be left alone. And when people begin to bother me too much, I tend to shut down my emails, social media platforms, cell phone number, etc.

Now I particularly don’t much care what opinion others may have of me. Because I am super happy within my own skin among my own family members.

However, through my research of those previous phone numbers, my name has been linked to some of the vilest and disgusting social media platforms!

It truly sickens me that my name would be linked to such filth!

And, to say that I was ever registered a Democrat is false information, people! I have NEVER EVER registered or voted Democrat in my entire life!

My parents were Republicans. And, although my mother didn’t vote, my father was a full-blown Republican. I was not even brought up to think as a Democrat – or for that matter as a Liberal!

It’s insane!

Yet, there are some “researchers” in this world who actually buy into these links which these electronic devices which you are I are indelibly linked to.

As an example: I did a deposition on a lawsuit once. And these lawyers brought up things that I had forgotten about over thirty years ago! And, their “facts” were NOT correct. I had to tell them the TRUTH behind how the history of this evil age records things.

Now, it may be true that we live in a so-called “information age,” but much of this information is based upon false information and utter lies!

Long ago, when the personal computer was just getting started, my computer was compromised. I had ordered some books online from my credit card and was charged for things I did not purchase!

I filed a police report. The hacker was never found, and the issue was NEVER resolved! It was believed that I was hacked from China. It took me years to get another credit card.

But a family member messed that one up for me also!

So, if you completely trust this world’s electronic devices and this present evil age of technology – then you are opening yourself up to the vile works of Satan the devil.

Because I know firsthand that it can be used for EVIL and LIES!

Also, I know of someone who is dead set against me and who is out to destroy me – online.

This person has hacked my personal computer time and time again! And he has linked me to social media sites that I have never even heard of!

Now, this person of whom I speak is someone that I have blocked from my life – as much as I am able to – and of whom I know fairly well. He has an evil hatred towards me – surely because I am a Conservative Christian.

He HATES Christians.

This person also hacked the FBI at the age of fourteen. And when the FBI finally caught up to him, they raided his home and confiscated all his electronic devices. He could have done something fantastic with his talent and been a great asset to the world – but he took a different path in life. An evil path. Let it be noted, that he was raised by a very Liberal single mother.

I had tried warning him. I tried helping him. But, because of his utter hatred for Conservative Christians, he went on a smear and attack campaign against me!

If one is a TRUE Christian – a true follower of Jesus Christ – they wouldn’t be concerned with being a busybody trying to gather “information” about others.

As I go through life, I have found that I am less and less concerned about others’ business.

SELF-FOCUS is what is needed!

I have also found that I detest being around gossipers – people that cast judgment stones at others.

Now, as for those who try to destroy others via this world’s technology – just remember, you will reap what you sow!

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap” – Galatians 6:7.

The LORD our God makes it crystal clear – NO LIARS will be in His kingdom! – cf. Revelation 21:8. □

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