Tuesday, December 14, 2021

7 Proofs That Jesus Is Christ (Sermon)

The Church of Jesus Christ Online Ministries is very pleased to announce our latest sermon via our YouTube channel - Leonard V. Johnson.

7 Proofs That Jesus Is Christ


In this sermon, Minister Leonard V. Johnson takes you through a few of the hundreds of inferences and shadowy types as well as direct prophecies about our Lord Jesus Christ and the things which He would do! 

Direct Link to the sermon "7 Proofs That Jesus Is Christ"

Additional Items of Interest:

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Personal From... What Gospel?LAST MONTH I began what will become a series of personals. And I began by giving you some prehistory facts in relation to “God’s Work.”
Personal From... Some Prehistory FactsNow, many of you may know just what “the Work” is, and many may not.

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