Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Righteousness of Jesus Christ (Psalm 119:172)

The righteousness of our Lord Jesus, the following of our Lord Jesus, and the emulating of our Lord Jesus – equals embracing His example.

What example is that!?

It’s living in the manner that He did!

Which means – abiding by the LAW OF GOD (the TEN COMMANDMENTS), just as He did.

It is the keeping of GOD’S LAW that our Lord Jesus kept perfectly.

We are admonished to strive to be perfect just as God is perfect. The only way to do that is to be obedient in obeying the LORD God (the family of God – which at this moment consists of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ).

To obey the LORD God is to keep the LAW OF GOD!

But to say that God’s Law was done away with (which is NOWHERE in God’s living word – the Holy Bible) is to say that our Lord Jesus “fulfilled” them, or “nailed them to the cross.”

Only a foolish person would ever denounce the LAW OF GOD!

ANYONE who is against God’s perfect and righteous LAW is clearly against the LORD God and does not have the Spirit of God. They are clearly a follower of Satan the Devil (whether they know it or not). Because the living word of God says so - cf. John 8:44, 47.

Sadly, this world is lost in understanding what God’s Law is about.

The LORD God brought about the LAW OF GOD (which has existed for all mankind since the beginning of physical creation, cf. Genesis 2:16) to show the love that They have for all mankind.

And if mankind abides in the LAW OF GOD they are embracing and reciprocating the love of God.

Thus if mankind embraces the Law of God by keeping the Law of God, then mankind is showing the LORD God the love they have for Them.

The very definition of sin is breaking the Law of God – cf. 1 John 3:4.

ANYONE on planet Earth (which is an oblate spheroid! It is not “flat”!) who DOES NOT abide in the Law of God is committing sin!

So, for all the misguided people in the world who refuse to accept the LAW OF GOD, they are embracing SIN!

And by doing so, they separate themselves from the LORD God – cf. Isaiah 59:2.

The LORD God has no part with sin unrepented.

To be reconciled with the LORD God you must REPENT. And to repent is to turn away from the ways of this world and begin OBEYING the LAW OF GOD, ACCEPT OUR LORD JESUS AS YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOR, and EMBRACE THE GLORIOUS NEW COVENANT!

This is absolutely the ONLY WAY (Acts 4:12) to have the LORD God fully in your life! □


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