Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Commentary: Evil Mocks God's Truth

by Guy LaMar

We must be careful with whom we share God's living truth. Evil will mock and insult YOU along with God's truth!

"'Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces'" - Matthew 7:6.

Evil does NOT appreciate God nor His truth. So, don't waste sharing the good things from God with people who will not appreciate them.

Instead, be a light unto all. Let Christ be seen in you. That's showing God's Way to others silently - but effectively.

We are to live for Jesus.

This world is NOT about Jesus, this world is about serving Satan the devil. And yet, most DO NOT even know it! In order to know God's living truth is to first KNOW JESUS CHRIST!

By knowing our Lord Jesus Christ, we learn His living word, and then His examples.

Jesus made it crystal clear that in order to be one of His begotten we MUST keep His commandments. We must love one another.

Next to our Lord Jesus, it's King David - who has the most glory in the kingdom of God. He was a man after God's own heart. What did King David do that was so great!? He kept the LAW of God! He rejoiced in them. He dwelled in them. He revolved his life around them.


Because the LAW of God - summed up in the Ten Commandments - is the Way of God!

And, our Lord Jesus lived this LAW perfectly! That is what made Jesus perfect.

The LAW of God will be the Way of God's soon-coming kingdom on E A R T H!

His LAW is the Way of a true Christian!

Finding excuses to reject His LAW is simply rejecting GOD!

Simply put: God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ are as ONE. The kingdom of God is the Government of God, which is run by God - made up of God's LAW. His LAW is the Way of God. Now, in order to be a begotten child of God you must obey and follow the LAW of GOD!


The Way of GOD!

And, we LOOK TO JESUS because He lived as a fleshly human being - living in God's LAW perfectly! He gave us His great example.

We LOOK TO JESUS in how we are to apply the LAW of GOD!

We are to TURN AWAY from breaking the immutable and relevant LAW of God - which equals repentance and then we are to start living our lives in service to God's Way.

And this is the Christian Way. □

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