Monday, May 2, 2022

Commentary: A One Ruling Government Is Coming!

by Guy LaMar

MAKE no mistake about it - there has NEVER been a WORLD ORDER in which the whole world agreed to a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ideology! Mankind has not fully gotten along since Cain and Abel.

There are Conspiracy Theorists who talk about a coming New World Order where they believe that the world will pull together and live in peace under man's rule.

That will NEVER happen before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Yet, there are TWO WORLD ORDERS that are very much real!

There is the world order that we live under right now, which has NOT changed and will not change until the NEW WORLD ORDER under Christ Jesus!

And the world order in which we are under now is the world order of Satan the devil.

You see, the god of this present evil age is Satan the devil, and he rules this world.

This world is truly full of evil. We live in a world that is full of rebellion against God.

Even the goody-goody people of the world are rebellious against God. People break God's commandments every day!! Be in diet, be it Sabbath!

Now, there are some humanly good things going on here and there, but the evil of this world outweighs all the good of this world.

And those humanly good things to God are as filthy rags - cf. Isaiah 64:6.

That is just a fact!

But this world will NEVER come together as ONE RULING GOVERNMENT under mankind's control.

That has never happened, and never will.

It has not happened since Cain and Abel.

It won't happen as long as mankind is in charge of the governments of the world under the influence of the one who is all about dissension - the ruler of this world, Satan the devil.

So, if anyone believes that this world is going to have some super powerful ONE WORLD RULING GOVERNMENT that will have everyone under the oligarch's control - then you are highly mistaken.

Yes, there is rising a European "beast" power that will ultimately control a large swath of people. That has occurred several times in the past.

But by no means will there ever be just a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT under mankind that the whole world is going to jump on board with and go along with. It is not going to happen!

Not by human fleshly people!

But  -  there is soon coming a SOLID and COMPLETE ONE RULING GOVERNMENT in which all will bow their knee to the King of kings and the Lord of lords and will obey!

The ruler of this world will be cast away along with his servants.

There is coming a ONE RULING GOVERNMENT ORDER with a Great Leader that will put all things in perfect order!!!


And our great King of kings and Lord of lords and mighty Ruler will be JESUS CHRIST who will establish the kingdom of God - the government of God!

There no longer will be disruptive rebellion. No more strife. No more dissension.

This soon-coming NEW WORLD PERFECT ORDER will be ruled by a perfect Leader! And that Leader is Jesus Christ!

This age as we know it will be no more.

This Earth will be a new Earth, with new ways and new scenery.

This Earth will be a new age of complete Utopia under the leadership of Jesus Christ!

So, in essence, the World Order that we have right now is the same as it has been since Cain murdered Abel. 

That being the world order of EVIL ruled by the leader of this world Satan the devil.

When our Lord Jesus comes He will "fire" the devil from being in control and will establish a NEW WORLD ORDER!

This, my friends, is the NEW WORLD ODER that we Christians seek.

The coming kingdom of God and His righteousness to be established. □

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