Sunday, March 8, 2020

Are We To Listen To Others? (Sermon)

Greetings dear friends, the Owensboro Church of Jesus Christ is pleased to announce the latest sermon from our YouTube channel:


Is it wrong to listen to others that diss or disagree with one of God's ministers!? Is it wrong to attend other churches!? Or, to listen to the many religious broadcasts on radio and television!? Or, inviting one into your home to discuss religion or Scripture with a different gospel or doctrine!? For more information on subjects covered, such as the Trinity, the resurrection, the Sabbath, and the "immortality of the soul," be sure to read our online free no-obligation booklets: Is Your Belief Biblical? - Proving the Truth! - The Confusion About Death - Be sure to visit us at Additional Items of Interest: Is God's Biblical Food Laws Still In Effect!? - I recently came across an article written by Tim Zimmerman (who calls himself an apostle of Christ) regarding unclean meats. [...]
Is God a Trinity?Is God a Trinity or a family? Is the Holy Spirit a being or the creative power of the Godhead? [...]
Be You Kind - Part II (Sermon) - Brethren and friends - One of the greatest responsibilities that a true Christian has in this life is to set a good example. 'Be you kind one to another.' We should become a light unto the world. A beacon, a lighthouse set upon 'a hill that cannot be hidden.'

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