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Commentary: DOES Your Appearance Count? II

How important is your appearance? Is the LORD God concerned about how you dress and how you appear? Can you be spiritually clean and yet at the same time be physically unclean?

by Guy C. LaMar

THROUGHOUT the years I’ve written various commentaries and articles on the dress codes of the Church of God. Here again, I am going to speak concerning this matter. My reason is because at work I’ve heard all these different stories about how people dress for church. Then, I got on the Internet and looked at various worldly preachers and their congregations and how they dress. What I noticed is that people are more sloppy in their appearance than I ever remember.

Through the last 25 years or so I have noticed, however, a great DRESS DOWN within the Church of God. Brethren, we are becoming more sloppier in our attire.

It appears that people don’t care how they dress any longer. Oh, I’m sure the justification is well in force.

But, I want to give this little thought to you –

IF – and I stress that word IF – if the Church of God is to honor the LORD God – the glorious family of God, which at this time consists of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ – and to come before the very throne of the Creators of all things – and without Them, nothing was made that was made, then where is the respect and reverence!?

If you were going to meet the president of the United States of America or the king of England, wouldn’t you wear your best outfit!?


Now, of course, in this modern present evil age, there are excuses galore for why people are dressing down for church.

But, you can take this to the bank and cash it – because it will cash – that every excuse known to man all equals DISRESPECT.

When people come before the thrones of grace and mercy – before the thrones of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ – in worship and fellowship with brethren of like-mind and faith – then wouldn’t you expect the people would dress to the nines!?

There are always going to be excuses. And, everyone likes to justify themselves as to why they’re lax about this or about that.

Being disciplined is becoming more and more a thing of the past. Being respectful is seemingly of less and less importance. Sadly, we live in a modern age of slobs.

Personally, I find it revolting and disgusting, as well as appalling, that so-called Christians come together at a church dressed like a bunch of slobs! Wearing baseball caps, t-shirts, sweatpants, and tennis shoes! All the while those same individuals surely have nice suits (for the men) and dresses (for the ladies) to wear hanging in their closets! Clothing that anyone would say is respectful and classy. But, for one reason or another this modern generation of people believes they can come before the greatest and most awesome LORD God of the universe any way they want! They show DISRESPECT! And this certainly is coming from the guidance of the baby boomer generation (1946-1964, during the mid-20th century). This generation had a wild youth we often don't talk about. A generation of rebelliousness. The children of the baby boomers defied their parents, they protested the Vietnam War, and created the “Summer of Love.” Also known as the hippie generation. Now that this generation is older they’ve carried their beliefs to pass down to their children and grandchildren – a hand-me-down of slobbery and rebelliousness.

I have taught my congregation on many occasions – as it was taught to me by several ministers of God many years ago; such as Mr. James Lamb – that we all should dress our very best when we come before the glorious thrones of God. If need be – go to your local thrift store and get for yourself a nice dress suit or dress if you cannot afford an expensive one. But, be respectful and reverent before the LORD God almighty.

Although the LORD God doesn’t look at the outward man or woman – it’s the attitude within.

Yet, excusing away not wearing your very best is an attitude of rebellion and disrespect.

Brethren, let us not fool ourselves and make up excuses as to why we should dress down.

The Silent Generation (1928-1945) along with the baby boomer generation was taught that if one wore a hat on their head inside a building it was considered disrespectful. That generation is fading away. The Census Bureau counts only 23 million of the Silent Generation.

Being decent in one's attire speaks volumes about one’s character.

We must but tolerate this wave of garbage that we are witness to in these worldly churches. Because there is nothing we can do or say that will change it. We could preach until we’re blue in the face about how one should dress before the LORD God – to look our very best. And, if your best is but a t-shirt, a baseball cap, and sweatpants – then so be it. Yet, if that same individual has a nice suit or dress hanging in their closet – that they only wear on “special” occasions – shame on them! Because nothing is more SPECIAL than coming before the LORD God almighty!

Now, as long as I live and breathe upon this Earth, I shall never, and will never, attend a church service in worship and glory to the LORD God (the CREATORS OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE) dressed down! I, personally, will always be in a nice suit and tie. Anyone who knows anything about classy dress and classy attire – respectable dress – is the wearing of a nice suit and tie. And the wearing of that nice suit and tie is HONORING AND RESPECTING THE LORD GOD! I, personally, would never allow myself to attend Church looking like a slob. Because that shows disrespect.

Now, on the other side of the fence – and as Mr. Lamb spoke of in various sermons – if all you have is a t-shirt and sweatpants – then certainly come as you are! But, do not wear a cap or a hat (of any style) during church services. And, if the LORD God should bless the individual to be able to get a suit or a dress then they should indeed wear whatever is their best attire.

In conclusion, when we come before the thrones of grace, mercy, and love at Church – we should all be wearing our very best that we own. We should give the greatest honor, respect, and reverence to the LORD God as we possibly can. But to deliberately dress down because it’s inconvenient, or it’s your style speaks volumes concerning your character towards the LORD God as well as others.

Always give the LORD God your very best. □

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