Saturday, March 12, 2022

Commentary: Let NOTHING Get In The Way of Jesus!

by Guy C. LaMar

THE point is: that it is a struggle to NOT allow the snares of this world - things that are material - to get in the way of JESUS!

When someone has everything that they would want they don't have God on their mind.

When someone is in dire straits that's the time when they generally "get religion" enough to pray for God's help.

This is why the poor are closer to God than the rich. The rich, or the well-to-do, have their material things to distract them from God. Yet, the poor are broken down to where they seek hope in God for help.

Now, there are other types of poor folks that judge the well-to-do WORSE than the well-to-do judge the poor! These types of people of poverty revel in their poverty.

They have become blind to decency for the sake of living in filth and squalor. They have no self-respect. They have become PRIDEFUL. And with pride comes destruction.

Now, for those of great wealth, their pride becomes destructive with God because they cast God out of their lives for other things they find MORE IMPORTANT!

Those that are poor, their pride becomes destructive to their very lifestyle - for lack of having due to their pride.

Take a poor person and give them a little windfall, and they act like they own the world! They often become very judgmental and cocky.

Take a wealthy person, they look down on those who do not have things like they do because they honestly believe that they are better in society because of their financial security and material belongings!

Then - you may have a person who is poor, but yet God-fearing, decent, good, and respectable towards others. In which their poverty is a case of bad decisions, lack of education, lack of understanding of what society as a whole expects of them. Often is the case - most faithful true Christians live in poverty because they DO NOT conform to this world's manner of things. They live according to Scripture and won't compromise their faith for anyone or anything.

The apostle Paul said of true Christians - to NOT conform to the ways of the world. The worldly system.

So, for a wealthy person to be a part of the kingdom of God it is truly a struggle.

The snares are in the way like it is for the camel to get through the gate - which is called the needle of the community. They have to have their gear removed, and they have to be wrestled down to crawl through the gate (needle). It's a struggle and it takes HARD WORK!

The Bible tells us that it is our WORKS that we will be rewarded in the glorious kingdom of God. And those "works" are based upon the Law of God the Father and Jesus Christ - and Jesus showed us how to live according to the Law of God by His EXAMPLE!

His biggest mission was to show us how to live perfectly by His example! What made our Lord Jesus perfect was that He lived by the Law of God - perfectly. This is why we are to follow His example.

The very word "Christian" means - a follower of Christ.

The KEY to the kingdom of God is JESUS CHRIST!

The ONLY way for salvation is through JESUS CHRIST!

Without JESUS there is NO HOPE!

JESUS is the ONLY Way!


Now, if ANYONE loves anyone more than God the Father and Jesus Christ then that person is NOT a true Christian, and that person is NOT worthy to be in the kingdom of God!

Only when a person truly follows Jesus Christ will they ever know just what true love is.

This world's love is based upon lust and gain.

There are some people who can only have so-called love for others based on what they can get out of another.

Sadly, the majority of the people of this world are BLIND to the REAL GOD of the Holy Bible! Instead, they have made up a god that they worship. And, people just tag onto what men say. And they reject TRUTH for the sake of their church teachings. Not realizing that most so-called Christian churches are actually based out of the Church of Satan the Devil!

The Devil is the one that has deceived the whole world!

Personally, in over 30 years of the study of churches, I have spoken to nearly every type of church leader that there is. And in so doing I have DEBUNKED every single church I have come across! Including the very church that my grandparents and parents were a part of. They all have great errors.

Now that is not to say that I wasn't in error before - because I have been. But for the most part I have found a steady and solid foundation to be on in the Way of TRUTH!

How was I able to find this!?

Through 6 things:
  1. The HOLY SPIRIT guiding me.
  2. The HOLY BIBLE has the answers.
  3. Historical facts direct the truth.
  4. Studying what the original words of the HOLY BIBLE truly means.
  5. ALWAYS look at the context of what is being said.
  6. PRAY for understanding.
And the trick is - you MUST be willing to truly place God as the TRUE LEADER of your life!

You MUST give up all this world's junk that you have learned and follow the living HOLY WORD of God and let it lead you! Certainly none of which will work WITHOUT prayer, true repentance, and absolute dedication to God.

Now we all stumble and we all fall from time to time, but we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get back in the saddle again. NEVER allowing ourselves to glorify our weaknesses and our faults. Just put them behind us and go forward.

If God says that He blots out our sins upon true repentance, then we owe it to our Lord Jesus to NOT dwell on our past sins. He didn't go through all that He endured for us for NOTHING!

We MUST NOT shame Jesus by bringing up our past sins to cripple us from moving forward.

Sadly, the greater majority of the people of this world actually serve Satan the Devil! Most will sin against those who they claim to be sinners.

There are some worldly churches which LUST in gossipping.

Gossiping is a type of MURDER!

Character assassination is the most popular act within a worldly church their is. It's in connection with judging others. And, it is all part of the ways of the good churches of the world.

Yet in reality, all of such are of Satan the Devil!

With the Holy Spirit God allows His called-out of this world to recognize those people who are EVIL with ease. It's called the spirit of discernment.

Now, if you think you are without sin then you will NEVER get to know God. Self absorbed people have no clue of who God is.

Our Lord Jesus Christ clearly said that it is the humble (the meek) that shall inherit THE EARTH (the coming kingdom of God that will be established - ACCORDING TO THE HOLY BIBLE - upon this newly established earth! AKA: Heaven on Earth; the kingdom of God!

This can easily be proven by the living Word of the Eternal!

So, a person MUST be humble.

Now, pay close attention to what and how others speak in conversations.

Notice how often they use the words, "me," "mine," "I," "myself."

The greater they speak of self the more you know how far away they are from God.

Truly, those that think of others and care about others are clearly on the right path with God.

In life, people will make idols, and will cast God out or replace God with their idols, thinking they are focusing on God while they are surely not! They will even allow their idols to dictate how much of God is allowed with them.

An idol can be someone's spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, political leader, church leader, entertainer, parent, grandparent and such and so on and so on.

It is part of mankind's very nature to try to adjust things to make peace with people which we have chosen to be in our lives. There are some who will compromise their faith for their spouse, which disqualifies them from God at that very point.

Again, ANYONE who places ANYONE, or ANYTHING, above God is NOT a true Christian!

MOST people in this world who claims the title "Christian," is truly only a self-professing Christian. True dedication is rare in this department. Too many worldly snares step in the way.

One has to deny their own self and fully give themselves over to JESUS CHRIST! Yet, people will worry about how others look at them.

Truly - if you dedicate yourself to God, others will begin to look upon you as if you have leprosy.

True Christians do not fit in a WORLDLY SOCIETY well.

True Christians do not embrace PAGAN customs or traditions, and cover it up with fluffy lies and call it Christian.

Those who mock such dedicated people in this life had better know that on Judgment Day they will surely REAP WHAT THEY SOW!

Our Lord Jesus said MANY are called, but only a few are chosen. Because it is only the very few that will truly stand up against the ways of the worldly system to SERVE THE REAL GOD OF THE HOLY BIBLE!

EVERYONE NEEDS TO REPENT and continue working every day to draw closer to the REAL JESUS of the HOLY BIBLE!

There is no other way than that of looking to JESUS!


Think hard on this - are you truly committed to God or just an idea!? Are you truly willing to give all you have and follow JESUS!? Or do you place before JESUS something or someone!?

How important is God to you!?

Personally, of my family, the only person that I can think of that I can relate to in the way of AWE OF GOD, that I know of, is my granddaddy.

The reason that I say this is: long before I knew anything of the AWE OF GOD of which he had, I found myself having that same AWE OF GOD! I used to go camping a lot and often times I was alone. I generally camped alone to draw closer to God. My youth was by no means an easy one. I begged God to keep me safe and to help me with what was going on in my life. I greatly trusted - and still greatly trust - GOD! It's like just yesterday: I recalled so easily how I would pick up a leaf and would be IN AWE of God's handiwork! The veins in the leaves, the miracle of how a small seed could become a gigantic tree! Well, years later I spoke to one of my granddaddy's hunting buddies and he said that my granddaddy would do the exact same thing! He said that my Granddaddy would obsess over the handiwork of God! He too was in awe of a leaf with its veins made by the handiwork of the Great Designer - God! My grandaddy's own brother told me once that my granddaddy was AMAZED at how God made dirt differently. Now, some folks might call that simple, I call that a master mind! To be so thoughful of God's handiwork. My granddaddy certainly knew the differences in dirt, but he was utterly amazed at how God put it all together for mankind. He knew that it was for mankind that God was focused upon. He knew that God loved him!

My grandma told me once of how my granddaddy was so upset with himself over the abuse he had done to his body from smoking. He said, it was God that MADE him stop smoking. He quit smoking because he wanted to serve God's will, not his own. Now, lucky for my granddaddy that he had a supportive wife that believed as he did. In fact, their faith was their closest connection.

The way I see it, that is the greatest connection any man could ever hope for.

My dad would teach me of all the different trees - the Longleaf pines, the Water Oaks, the Red Maples, and all the rest - as we'd walk together. He told me of how his daddy taught him. The Sunday morning before my dad died he walked with me and told me of the various trees. Point is - there was a connection there between my granddaddy, my dad and me! It was being IN AWE of the great handiwork of God!

So, it takes effort to get into the glorious kingdom of God!

It begins with accepting JESUS CHRIST as your Savior and the MASTER of your life!

Remember - JESUS is the One who SAVES US FROM OURSELVES!

For Him to be the MASTER of our life means that we will have to work on ourselves so as to do His will. Thus we MUST STUDY HIM to better know Him! We MUST PRAY DAILY TO HIM!

There is NO work that we can do to get us into the kingdom of God. But, it is our works that will issue our position in the kingdom of God. Think of it like a job. We get hired - that means we are employed by the company. That is like accepting JESUS. Now, just like how one performs on a job, that grants us a promotion. It is like the way with how we will be in the kingdom of God. Our performance will get us the promotion. Or in the case of position - in the kingdom of God - the BOSS is JESUS CHRIST! True Christians always place their LEADER first and foremost! It's JESUS ALL THE  WAY!

But again, if we allow snares to win us over in our lives, then it is going to be a hard struggle to get past those snares. It's all based upon our focus. Focus on self, the worldly things in life, and the result will be disappointing in the end.

But if we focus on JESUS then we are on the route to glory! □

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