Friday, September 27, 2019

Is There A "Secret Rapture"? (Sermonette)

The Owensboro Church of Jesus Christ is pleased to announce this sermonette from our YouTube channel.


Is There A "Secret Rapture"?

Will there be a "secret rapture"!? Thousands upon thousands are placing their hope in a coming rapture. Will it occur!? What about the utter destruction of all people on the earth at the end-times!? Will that occur!? One major and influential religious organization teaches such a thing. Minister Leonard V. Johnson provides some insight on this.
Here is a link to this sermonette: Is There A "Secret Rapture"?

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"Pray Not For This People" (Sermon) - Minister Michael C. Garrett gave this sermon to a religious organization down in Tyler, Texas which totally and vehemently rejected this inspired Message from Almighty God and our Lord Jesus Christ! Because God has these prophecies where He says, ‘Don’t even offer up a prayer, I’m not gonna hear it. Don’t even do it!’ Now, at this point, God says, ‘I’m done!’ Saying, ‘I’m done trying to help. I’m done having My hand slapped away. I’m done having my face spit into.’ HE SAID THE JUDGMENTS WILL COME FORTH!!!

And that time may not quite be here - yet - but it's just over the horizon!

Proving the Truth! - Friends, do you have trouble studying your Bible and understanding God's Word because you don't have the Master Key!?

Has Almighty God and our Lord Jesus Christ been waiting for YOU to do something which you have been procrastinating!? 

The Bible is God's "instruction manual" to all mankind, and you must be able to read these instructions! What further proof do you need to reinforce the authenticity of the Bible!? Atheists and agnostics all deny the proof which is all around them every day.

Yet, the reason that you are among the very few who have proven His living Word is because you have the Master Key - God's Holy Spirit!

If you don't have this key, get it at once (cf. Acts 2:38)!

Repent For Salvation - These Western nations are indeed religious - at least according to every street corner. Most profess a deep interest in Christianity. Religion has even become fashionable with the rise of megachurches as mini towns!

Yet, these Western "Christian" societies are NOT bearing fruit which is pleasing to God (cf. Colossians 1:10).

Do you know why!?   

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