Tuesday, February 5, 2019

What Is "The Unpardonable Sin"? (Booklet)


Greetings Everyone! The Church of Jesus Christ Online Ministries is pleased to present Mr. Michael C. Garrett's free no-obligation online booklet - What Is "The Unpardonable Sin"?

What is the WORST - the absolute worst - most dreadful and horrendous thing a human being can do!?

Do you know!? Now you can.

Here is a link to this free no-obligation online booklet - What Is "The Unpardonable Sin"?

Additional Items of Interest:

'This is a rebellious people!' (Sermon)  - Friends, why is there such division in this world, in our great nation, in our politics, and among all our peoples!? It lays the seeds of strife, hostility, and hatred! God warns His rebellious people, His lying children who will not hear His Law, and who will not obey His Law!

'Equity Cannot Enter' The prophet Isaiah – under great inspiration from God’s Spirit – goes into much detail describing a prophecy of the conditions in this end-time preceding the great and terrible Day of the LORD. [...]

'Tell My People Their Sins'So, here the LORD God is instructing the prophet Isaiah to lift up his voice like a trumpet. Now, anciently this would have probably been done at the city gates or even the temple, or perhaps the assembly of the elders – the leaders of his nation. ISRAEL was a chosen nation [...]

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