Tuesday, November 1, 2022

October Stats

GREETINGS EVERYONE! Welcome! November 2022! Another brand new month!
www.owensborocojc.com thanks you for making this year GREAT! Here are the stats for www.owensborocojc.com for the month of OCTOBER which you helped make possible!

Thank you sincerely, in Jesus' most holy name,

Summary Stats According to StatCounter

Average Monthly Page Views: 139.0.
Average Monthly Unique Visits: 132.0.
Average Monthly First-Time Visits: 132.0.
Average Monthly Returning Visits: 0.0.


Belgium: 67.6%
United States: 19.4%
Israel: 3.6%
Uganda: 2.9%
Rwanda: 2.2%
Romania: 0.7%
Philippines: 0.7%
New Zealand: 0.7%
Latvia: 0.7%
United Kingdom: 0.7%
Canada: 0.7%

Top Five Articles of Last Month

On Our YouTube Channel

COJCOM had a total of 112 views > 11% more than Aug-Sept '22. 6.2 watch time (hours) < 28% than Aug-Sept '22.

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