Monday, September 6, 2021

A Roman "Mark"!?

Back in Rome, in the times before our Lord Jesus Christ, the Roman government MARKED people by branding them on their hands and on their foreheads – like a tattoo.

This MARK was a sign to the other people to identify them as rebellious against the government.

TODAY we have a US government that wants to “MARK” our people who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

They want to punish our people who choose not to allow this possibly dangerous drug to be placed within their bodies.

They do not appear to care if our people lose their jobs and be denied their unemployment benefits – thus bringing them to ruin! And, denying them employment elsewhere, unless they get the COVID-19 vaccination.

Is it about governmental totalitarian control, or is it about population control!?

My wife has been at her job for nearly 20 years working at the Lockheed Martin missile plant and as of the 14th of this month, or she will be FIRED from her job with no unemployment benefits allowed to her because she refuses to put this possibly dangerous drug into her body.

Regardless of religious or health reasons – they will still FIRE her!

Regardless of going against her constitutional rights – they will still FIRE her!

We currently have a US administration that is ruled and ran by an enemy of the United States of America – Satan the devil!

But of course, as we continue in this nation’s journey of ultimate demise, the US government changes its rules and laws to benefit their agenda of totalitarianism.

It may be easy for many to trust in the fastest ever developed vaccine in history, but there are those of us who do not trust in it, nor the government which is demanding its use. And because of this mistrust, we are being punished and brought to possible ruin by a government that we have supported with our tax dollars.

The US government looks at our people who “live off the grid” as unviable and as “enemies of the state.”

The government leaders generally will send a young gullible and duty-bound police officer or military personnel to arrest them.

This has been happening with ever more frequency!

The people that have faith in God are now considered enemies of this US government!

For our people who refuse to participate in this vaccination “MARK” are going to be persecuted and forced! Without a 'vaccine passport' will one be able to buy or sell food!? – cf. Revelation 13:16-17.

Is this the testing ground of the ‘mark of the beast’!?

The “number of the beast” spoken of in God’s living word, 666, was the name of the founder of Rome – ROMULUS. This blasphemous name is what all citizens of that governmental system are called – ROMANS. The Greek name for Romulus was LATEINOS.

L = 30
A = 1
T = 300
E = 5
I = 10
N = 50
O = 70
S = 200

The U.S. government was modeled after the Roman Republic – and it is this same system that our people are under subjection to TODAY!

On a similar note: It is distressful how these frivolous and loose women in the United States of America can get pregnant, then abort the baby, and then scream, “My body, my choice!” – and this Satan-led government will support them. Whereas our people that do not want this possibly dangerous drug in their bodies cannot stand up and say, “My body, my choice” without the US government persecuting them!

I have prayed that God’s Law would be applied by the leaders of this nation unto our people. Sadly, this will NEVER be the case as long as Satan the devil is the ruler of this world! - cf. 2 Corinthians 4:4.

TODAY a true Christian can easily recognize the true kingdom behind the leadership of this land.

King David – a man after God’s own heart – in Psalm 109 gave a prayer unto God that we should be praying for our nation.

This is the proper prayer for this wicked and deceitful Biden/Harris Administration. □

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