Monday, August 23, 2021

Are We Insane!?


More and more people are becoming insane!

In some nations, if you haven’t had the COVID-19 vaccine, they will NOT let you purchase food at stores!

With these absolutely insane vaccine mandates, people are submitting to government authority which tells them that they cannot even enter a restaurant without proof that they have had the vaccine!

As Jackie Gleason used to say, “What the hell is the world coming to!?”

Does it seem possible that this is getting people mentally prepared to accept a government mandate that soon we will not be allowed to “buy or sell” anything without some kind of government approval!?

Sounds like the “MARK” spoken of in the Book of Revelation!

Could this whole thing be a precursor!???

I would rather see the United States of America on her knees before her God than on her knees before her enemies!

Now in Washington D.C. – the fraudulent president Sleepy Joe – is telling us that we are at the mercy of the Taliban terrorists to ALLOW AMERICANS – Oh lordy, in their good graces (can you hear the sarcasm!?) to get out of the country of Afghanistan, as we stand by seemingly helpless to do anything about it!

Our government now finds itself in the position of kneeling before the Taliban terrorists begging for mercy!

These such things are inevitable to a nation that has rejected GOD!

But friends, there is GOOD NEWS! If you – personally – kneel before and completely “sell-out” to our Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior you can claim the glorious promises mentioned in Psalm 91!

YOU can be spared, protected, and blessed even when our great nation completely falls to her enemies.

If we, as a nation, do not repent, we will - in a matter of time – completely fall as a sovereign nation!

Recall what happened to the kingdom of Israel.

We are but on the VERGE of the prophesied coming ‘GREAT TRIBULATION’ – Matthew 24:21-22.

What is your level of dedication to our Lord Jesus Christ!?

Are you ready for the soon-coming kingdom of God!?

ALL ‘these things’ spoken of by Jesus could indeed happen in this decade!

Remember: the 40th Jubilee is fast approaching in 2027! Two thousand years from when our Lord Jesus Christ began His ministry!

Is there a chance that our KING will return at that time!? IF so (and I have never set any dates, and absolutely no man knows the day or the hour), but IF SO – then the ‘great tribulation’ must occur first!

And that will last for 3½ years!

So, again, ARE WE READY for the soon-coming kingdom of God!?

If you have slacked in your dedication, then spiritually rededicate yourself to Jesus Christ! Give your life, your body, your mind, and your heart to Jesus!

We are truly living in divisive times – even if the ‘end of this age’ isn’t now!

It is somewhat calm right now in the western world, but the times will soon get worse as the return of our Lord Jesus approaches!

Keep in mind the living word of Jesus when He says that it will be worse than it ‘has [ever] been since the beginning of the world’” – Matthew 24:21.

Friends, ‘a third of mankind’ will be killed – completely wiped out – before the glorious and powerful return of Jesus Christ! – cf. Revelation 9:18.

Also, the Two Witnesses must come on the scene.

A great many of God’s end-time prophets must proclaim this dire WARNING message!

Friends, we ALL need to get CLOSE to JESUS CHRIST!!!

Jesus is our only answer.


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