Saturday, April 3, 2021

The Fruit of the Spirit - a nine-part series (Sermons)

The Spirit of Love

Our Lord Jesus Christ WARNED that at the end of this age would be characterized by a lack of love (Matthew 24:12). But you need not lack love - the glorious love of God. More than ever before the true meaning of Christian love needs to be understood and practiced. The apostle Paul wrote, "He who does not love does not know God, for God is love" - 1 John 4:8. Be sure to watch this sermon on the nine points of the fruit of the Holy Spirit - the first being godly love.

The Spirit of Joy

Can you truly be happy and full of joy in a world of evil, civil unrest, corruption, sadness, and confusion!? Can you be so without false pretensions!? Yes, indeed you can and should if you are a true Christian. The Spirit of Joy is an attribute of God. It is of God. It is a "fruit of the Spirit" - the second listed fruit after godly love. 

The Spirit of Peace


Peace of mind is truly what everyone would like to have, but what so very few really possess. Many vainly attempt to achieve peace of mind through the escape of Eastern meditation, or other bizarre activities, illicit drugs, alcohol, etc. A person who truly has peace of mind has greater control over his emotions - even under the most trying of tribulations. He enjoys greater tranquility, calm, quiet, serenity, with an orderly mind.

The Spirit of Longsuffering

Longsuffering is an old English word for patience. It is forbearance and clemency - which is the ability to have mercy. One who is short-tempered and easily upset with the faults or inadequacies of others is only inviting trouble for himself. He may also find himself suffering from a variety of emotionally induced illnesses or even death! Patience is that steadiness of mind by which you wait for the result to be achieved. One who is patient does not become frustrated because problems don't always lend themselves immediately to a solution. The godly longsuffering that the apostle Paul is referring to can come only through God's Holy Spirit.

The Spirit of Kindness


Our Lord Jesus Christ was not talking about a momentary emotional thrill or an experience that "proves" you are of His. That is not a true conversion at all. Once begotten by God's Spirit from the Father, you must continually be led by His Spirit and bear spiritual fruit throughout your life. The apostle Paul outlined for us the fruit or rather the results the Holy Spirit produces in a true Christian. The fifth listed is the fruit of kindness.

The Spirit of Goodness and the Spirit of Faith

Goodness describes a person possessing godlike qualities of virtue, of uprightness, and a true character of the glorious fruits of the Holy Spirit. Faith is one of the vital fruits of God's Spirit! This is the very faith of Jesus Christ! Yet, sadly, for many, faith is nothing more than an elusive spiritual essence. But in reality, the faith which the apostle Paul is speaking of is a glorious gift from Almighty God, imparted through the Holy Spirit from Jesus Christ!

The Spirit of Meekness and the Spirit of Self-Control

Many wrongly assume that meekness is synonymous with weakness. Prophet Moses became so dedicated and loyal to the LORD God and so filled with the Holy Spirit, he was considered to be the meekest man on the planet. No longer did he seek to exalt himself, but he became lowly in spirit and humble in attitude. One of the very meanings behind the Day of Atonement. A meek person is not revengeful.

This world has often misunderstood the meaning behind the fruit of the Holy Spirit known as temperance - or rather self-control. Especially when it comes to sensual appetites. King Solomon wrote extensively with exhortations about temperance - a most vital attribute of God's Spirit.

Remember friends, fruit does not appear overnight on a fruit tree. It takes time, water, patience, love, nutrients, and sunlight (and in this case - SONLIGHT) to grow. Likewise, it takes time to grow spiritually and manifest the glorious "Fruit of the Spirit"!

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