Thursday, May 28, 2020

Faith, Hope, Patience, Tribulation - Part IV (Sermon)

Greetings dear friends, the Owensboro Church of Jesus Christ is so very pleased to present our latest sermon via YouTube:


Part IV of Mr. Michael C. Garrett's sermon speaking of faith, of hope, of patience, and tribulation.

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Faith, Hope, Patience, Tribulation - Part III (Sermon)Friends, many people worldwide are relying on a dead faith and don't even know it! Let not your faith be dead - and of no worth whatsoever! And, why should there be any confusion concerning hope!? Our ONLY hope is Jesus Christ our Lord! - Acts 4:12. For indeed, we must develop godly patience - endurance - a spiritual fruit of God's Spirit. For throughout the generations we have had tribulations, and we must endure until the end! - Revelations 3:21.
The Foundation Of Truth (Sermon)Friends, the faith which you are clinging to may do you absolutely no good against Satan the devil and his imp's - unless it meets several specific conditions. Your faith MUST rest on a solid foundation - The Foundation Of Truth!
Day of Pentecost - part 2 Hello everybody, welcome to Owensboro, Kentucky. Welcome to the Owens-boro Church of Jesus Christ. My name is Michael C. Garrett.
'Glory in Tribulations' - Romans 5:3In the Book of Revelation, the 18th chapter an angel cries out, ‘Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen …’ 

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