Thursday, December 19, 2019

Dimash in NYC - The Rest of the Story (Sermon)

Greetings dearest friends, the Owensboro Church of Jesus Christ is very pleased to announce our latest sermon via our YouTube and Godtube channels:


Just like Paul Harvey would pause for effect - "Hello Friends, This is Michael C. Garrett! Stand byyy for the Rest of the Storyyy!"

Here is a link to this sermon - Dimash in NYC - The Rest of the Story

Additional items of interest:

Dimash in New York City - our documented trip - Michael C. Garrett and Leonard Johnson documents their journey to the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, New York to present personally to Dimash Kudaibergen a handcrafted jewelry box as a gift of love from all Dears!
Letter to our Friends - December 17, 2019 - In this letter, I discuss the importance of realizing idolatry in one's life.
Humble Yourselves In The Sight Of The Lord (Sermon)Brother James wrote, "Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up." - James 4:10. And on a personal note, this is the very meaning of the Day of Atonement! Here, Minister Michael C. Garrett takes us through dozens of Scriptures teaching this God revealed truth!

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