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Letter to our Friends - August 27, 2019

Michael C. Garrett
Pastor and Overseer

Dear Friends:

Greetings once again from Owensboro, Kentucky.

In addition to publishing sermons around the world via YouTube and Godtube, we also have been publishing articles on our blog page.

We have translated the article Proving the Truth! into the Spanish language for our Spanish speaking friends around the world using Google Translate. Although Google Translate is not completely accurate, it has sufficient ability to provide relatively accurate translations. We hope this greatly helps our friends around the world!

We in the Owensboro Church of Jesus Christ will continue preparing and publishing articles in multiple languages, adding articles to our blog page, and continuing to prepare for God’s prophesied ‘famine’ of His living Word! – cf. Amos 8:11.

These are very sobering times in this world—and GOD'S prophecies are rolling along faster and faster.

Minister Michael C. Garrett gave two wonderful sermons concerning the vile evil of this world – Deliver Us From Evil – Part I & II. Very few educated people actually believe there is a devil.

We read that our Lord and Savior says:
"'Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of man'" —Luke 21:36.
The living Head of this Work—who has drafted you and me as His Co-Workers—commanded us to WATCH and PRAY ALWAYS that we may be accounted worthy to escape all the terrifying conditions now very quickly coming on this world.

He was talking about world conditions—world happenings—world NEWS (Luke 21; Matthew 24; Mark 13). He was talking about a very soon-coming ‘great tribulation.’ – cf. Matthew 24:21. And, He offered us a chance to ESCAPE this tribulation — not have to go through it. To take advantage of this GREAT ESCAPE-opportunity. He said we must 'WATCH' as well as PRAY always. He meant watch world happenings that are in connection with His revealed prophesies — events that are leading to the 11:59 hour so very quickly, in this generation!

For thirty-eight years I have been mindful of this warning, and more and more so as I have seen world happenings fulfilling prophecies. We can't ALL of us travel around the world to all parts to WATCH world affairs—but then again, we have television and the internet which brings world happenings directly to us. Through the prophecy of Ezekiel, GOD explains that when this time was to come, GOD would call watchmen. And, Isaiah 21:6 says, "'Go, post a lookout and have him report what he sees!'" The watchman was the first line of defense of a fortified city. They stood on the watchtower and were trained to spot the enemies of the children Israel and would WARN of an approaching enemy. Today the House of Israel is primarily the United States of America and the United Kingdom – were founded by the people who were descended from Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Ephraim, and Manasseh. And how we as Christians – as followers of Jesus Christ and the New Covenant – are also spiritually related to Abraham. GOD raises up men with ministries to 'dig in the walls' and WATCH for our enemies and WARN this world as never before. Proclaiming with a strong and bold voice Jesus Christ, His gospel Message and His NEW COVENANT!

Friends, have you ever NOTICED and UNDERSTOOD this striking prophecy!? "Son of man, says GOD, I have made thee a watchman unto the House of Israel: therefore, hear the Word of My mouth, and GIVE THEM WARNING FROM ME. We need to understand that our English-speaking Anglo-Saxon peoples ARE – for the most part - the House of Israel of this 21st century. The twelve tribes of Israel divided into TWO nations. One was the House of JUDAH—the Jewish people. The other was the House of Israel. They were NOT Jews. Their capital was Samaria. The Jews' capital was Jerusalem. And, also, the first place where the word "Jews" is used in the BIBLE is 2 Kings 16:6, where it describes the Jews being AT WAR against Israel, allied with Syria. (Be sure to read God's Promises To Abraham - a seven-part series – Part I & II which covers the great and wonderous promises to Abraham from the Almighty)!

The HOUSE of ISRAEL was taken captive by Assyria more than 100 years before the Jews' captivity. They were taken to Assyria. When the Assyrians migrated northwest, these Israelites, their slaves, were taken with them. The Assyrians stopped in the land today we call Germany. The Israelites journeyed on into western Europe and the British Isles. Now... Ephraim-Manasseh settled in Britain. The name "ISRAEL" was to be named on THEM (Genesis 48:10-16).

I, myself, have traced my ancestry back to my 24th great-grandfather, Waltheof, Earl of Northumbria and his son Uchtred FitzWaltheof, lord of Tynedale of the year circa. 1050. Uchtred, of Tynedale, married Bethoc, daughter of Donald III of Scotland. Uchtred and Bethoc had a son named John. King David I of Scotland gave lordship of Annandale and 200,000 acres to Robert de Brus, 1st Lord of Annandale, an Anglo-Norman. He or his son gave the use of a small portion of this land to John, son of Uchtred - surnames were not generally in use at this time. This land became known as Johnstoun.

John, or rather John de Johnstone (meaning, John of John's Town) was the father of Gilbert de Johnstone. He or his father is credited with building Lochwood Tower - the Johnstone's ancestral home. This branch of the Johnstone Clan is known as the Annandale branch, and our motto is Nunquam non paratus - Latin for "Never unprepared."

Now the man Ezekiel was a prophet. He wrote down the prophecy. But he was not a "WATCHMAN"—and HE never delivered that warning. Notice, Ezekiel 3:1, 4-5. His Message and warning were to the House of Israel—NOT Judah. But Ezekiel never went to nor saw the House of Israel. He lived more than a hundred years AFTER their captivity. He was among the JEWISH captives, in Babylon. The House of Israel had migrated northwest toward the British Isles before he wrote. He merely wrote the prophecy.

Our great GOD is using THIS WORK—us—as His instruments. But as individuals, we do not all have the same part in the whole Work (1 Corinthians 12). GOD called us all into this great world-wide Work - and it is worldwide, according to StatCounter, this year alone we have witnessed to over 43 countries on our blog page!

So... Jesus not only commanded us to WATCH—but also to PRAY WITHOUT CEASING! Are you doing that!? Are you praying for this great Work of GOD!? Are you praying with your whole heart that GOD will lay it on the hearts of those who are able to make generous gifts to this most vital and important activity on earth!? Many have told us they are praying for us. We do need your prayers for us personally. But pray also for ALL our fine family of friends around the world.

I send you thanks! And, WE should THANK JESUS CHRIST for the great privilege of having a part in His Work—of being a Co-Worker WITH Him in the very Work of GOD which He heads and directs! I know that I am very grateful—I hope you are, too!

World News Items

The European Union is none too pleased with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson concerning the Brexit. He continues asking for something the EU does not want to negotiate (See: ‘Brexit: Boris Johnson says 'anti-democratic' backstop must be scrapped’). Surely, the EU will remember Brexit, which will not end well for the UK (cf. Daniel 8:24-25).

Also, the European Union is none too pleased with the United States either. There have been reports that Germany wants to head up a naval operation in the Persian Gulf – and do so NOT UNDER American direction (See: ‘Germany's Global Policy Aspiration’). There is a growing number in Europe which are seeing grave problems in relying on the US. And they are feeling that Europe needs her own strong and independent military. According to biblical prophecy, this will soon occur – cf. Daniel 11:25; Revelation 13:1-4.

There’s a report circulating that concluded that the United States does not have the ability to stop China in certain ways if China decided to attack (See: ‘China could overwhelm US military in Asia in hours, Australian report says’). Australia has long sensed that it is vulnerable to Asian powers, and are becoming ever-increasingly concerned about China’s rise and the problems which the US is facing. It will not end well for Australia or New Zealand.

Suggested Sabbath Service

Here is a suggested Sabbath service:

● 2-3 hymns. (a free printable “Old Time Gospel” hymn site is The Old Time Gospel).
● Opening prayer.
● Sermonette (if you choose). The one suggested is Truth vs. Fiction.
● Announcements (if any) and one hymn.
● Sermon. The one suggested is God's Promises To Abraham a seven-part series by Michael C. Garrett. (Many more sermons are available at
● Final hymn.

● Closing prayer.

IN CASE YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED A ‘LETTER TO OUR FRIENDS’ FOR ANY WEEK, REMEMBER WE HAVE MANY SERMON MESSAGES ON THE Owensboro Church of Jesus Christ website. Also, there are audio sermons on our Soundcloud Radio channel. We also – as a reminder – have a BitChute channel.

Concluding Comments

Minister Michael C. Garrett wrote:
“Well the earthquakes spoke of by Jesus Christ in His “Olivet Prophecy,” I believe occur at or near the time of a massive world war – think Daniel 11. ‘king of the North’ and the ‘king of the South.’ However, the Bible does also speak of another demarcation of time, which is called the Day of the LORD. And it is a series of progressions of end-time events in which God Almighty and Jesus Christ pour out Their judgment upon a rebellious sin-filled and ill-fated world, and as it were, become face-to-face involved – direct involvement. Just as God destroyed the world in the days of Noah so that He could – in effect – just start over. Just as God allowed Jerusalem and the temple, and the temple elite, to be destroyed in A.D. 70. He allowed it. And why!? Because He was going to reinstitute the priesthood of Jesus Christ. No more Pharisees, Sadducees, or the ancient Levitical priesthood. Now it was going to be the priesthood of Jesus Christ!
And according to the same pattern, I believe that God Almighty and Jesus Christ is going to destroy whole segments of this world. Its leaders, its governments, its armed forces, its religions, its economy, its morals, ethics, and mores, its cities, and major segments of its people! We have no idea what awaits on the horizon! Jesus said it would be a time like no other in the history of mankind! Never has happened before, and will never happen again! But it will happen somewhere out there on our horizon.
And why does God do this!? Because He’s going to start over. He’s going to create the world as it were from scratch – and make it into the Kingdom of God, the Government of God, upon this earth. Remember in Revelation 21:5 it quotes Jesus as saying, ‘Behold, I make all things new.’ And He starts by simply obliterating everything that is old.
The pages of the Bible is filled with information about this event! Now, I’ve said this before, but the Day of the LORD – without a question – is the single most prophesied event in the Bible! Bar none! Nothing comes close to it! And yet over the decades, I don’t believe that we of the Body of Christ have fully appreciated the magnitude of that Message. Jesus Christ in Luke 21:22 said, “’ For these are the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.’” And those aforementioned ‘days of vengeance’ refers to God’s vengeance. We read in Hebrews 10:30-31 – “For we know Him who said, ‘Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,’ says the Lord.” And that’s something we have to remember as human beings. There were different moments in my life where I wanted to exact some personal vengeance, and these words kept coming back into my mind – ‘Vengeance is Mine, I will repay.’ And I simply stopped and went, “I put it into Your hands dear God!”
Well, remember back in Genesis 6 – the time of Noah? It says in verse 3 – “And the LORD said, ‘My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, …’” and he goes on to describe in verse 5 – “Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” – like 100% evil! Just rotten! Verse 6 – “And the LORD was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart. 7) So the LORD said, ‘I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth, … for I am sorry that I have made them.’” And then he says down in verse 11 – “The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. 12) So God looked upon the earth, and indeed it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way on the earth. 13) And God said to Noah, ‘The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth is filled with violence through them; and behold, I will destroy them with the earth.’” He just wiped it out and started again!
Well God is indeed a God of love. That verse that many people love to quote, but you know it’s in the Bible, it’s the Words of Jesus Christ and those are our words too! “’For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, …’” – to be a sacrifice for all of humankind. God has a tremendous amount of love! Jesus Christ so loved His creation and we His people that He risked His eternal existence to be tortured to death in order that we might have a pathway for salvation. That’s a level of love that I can’t grasp! But I’m very thankful that He did it!” 
(Jacob’s Trouble by Michael C. Garrett).
With love and gratitude, in Jesus' Name,

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