Thursday, February 2, 2023

January Stats

GREETINGS FRIENDS AND WARM HEARTS! Welcome! It's a BRAND NEW MONTH - February 2023! Here is the Stats for last month that you helped make possible!! Thank you so very much!

We thank YOU all, in the righteous and holy name, our Lord Jesus Christ,


Top Five Articles of Last Month

COJCOM's YOUTUBE CHANNEL had a total of 46 views. 39% less than Dec. 1-31, 2022. Also, the channel had 4.2 (hours) of watch time. 22% less than Dec. 1-31, 2022. Please pray that this percentage will greatly increase so that our Lord Jesus Christ's Message will reach as many of our peoples around the world that our heavenly Father will call out of this present evil world and out of darkness and into the glorious light of Christ!

We thank you for your continued love and support,

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