Thursday, October 3, 2019

Offertory for the Day of Atonement - 2019

The Day of Atonement this year is from sunset October 8th until sunset October 9th. Here is an offertory sermonette:


Offertory for the Day of Atonement

Should an offering be taken on the Day of Atonement? Just what does your Bible teach about this!? If you send an offering how does that support the Work of God!? Minister Leonard V. Johnson goes over some Scriptures related to this.

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Some items of related interest:

Notes Regarding The Day of Atonement - Prophetically the Day of the Lord! The Day of Atonement - prophetically linked with the Day of the Lord. "The seven last plagues are directly linked with the idea of the Day of the Lord. And, the Day of the Lord - prophetically - is linked to the concept of the Day of Atonement. The Worldwide Church of God and the descendants which have flowed from it, have been woefully ignorant of the true meaning of the Day of Atonement. The Day of the Lord - an event which is the most often prophesied event in all the Bible!

Through Faith, God Healed Bud! - I ask: By what standard!? By what means and method does an individual examine and evaluate the condition and the status of their spiritual health and level of their spiritual maturity!? The most significant diagnostic tool that I can find in the Bible is from the Words of Jesus Christ in Matthew chapter 7, where He said, verse 16 - "'You will know them by their fruits.'" And then in verse 20, He says again, "'Therefore by their fruits, you will know them.'"

The Day of the LORD - Part 1  - The Day of the LORD - the single most prophesied event in the Bible - bar none. Not even the Return of Jesus Christ is prophesied as much as the Day of the LORD is prophesied!

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