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Famine of the Word of the LORD is coming!

Greetings Friends:

What is known as "Big Tech" is becoming more and more like our "Big Brother": A totalitarian system which is deciding for you what information you can have or not have. While "alternative media" has been complaining about just such a thing for years, now, even in the mainstream media are beginning to take notice. Here's an example of a Washington Post article this last February:

The new censors won't delete your words - they'll drown them out 

Winston Smith works at the Ministry of Truth. Each day, the hero of George Orwell's "1984" "corrects" old newspapers to make sure that the information is still accord with the current Party line. ... Nowadays, many of the states (and lots of parties and groups) that want to censor political speech are doing so in an information environment that has been rapidly and massively transformed. Now, the attention of listeners is scarce - and speakers and their words can simply be drowned out. ...

We now expect Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other companies to police the Internet for dangerous and illegal material - violent, terrorist, criminal - and some democratic governments require them to do so. But what if they did decide to repress material for political reasons? How would we know? According to a report this week, Google has, at the request of the Russian government, already agreed, quietly, to eliminate some websites from its searches in Russia.

Indeed, Google is one of the largest "Big Tech" firms. And, fear tactics - "encouraging" users not to go to certain websites - is something that Google is being accused of doing. Notice this article from Susan Duclos: 

Big Tech Tries To Scare Independent Media Readers Into Compliance With Dire Warnings: Stealth Censorship Shutting Us Down One Voice At A Time

Another day and another dire warning from Google’s Gmail as I attempted to click a link from my Disqus email notifications, left in the Breaking News Alert page, telling me the link Gateway Pundit was “suspicious” and “leads to an “untrusted site,” before asking me if I wished to proceed or go back.

Welcome to the world of Conservative Independent Media. 

Gateway Pundit is a conservative site, that has been around since 2004, run by Jim Hoft. As all media, GP is run by humans and I will not say they have never made a mistake, but they do not pump fake news. The liberally biased Politifact has rated three statements by Gateway Pundit, which is listed in their "All statements from The Gateway Pundit," page which "fact checks" statements and links those facts check articles. 

One statement is listed as “true,” and one as “mostly true,” and one they rated as false. 

Interestingly enough, even the story Politifact ranked as false, was mostly true, but Politifact tried to split hairs in order to justify the “false” ranking. 

Quick Recap: The accuser of Roy Moore admitted that she added something to Roy Moore’s signature in her yearbook, after many outlets had already noticed the difference in writing. So Gateway Pundit, headlined “WE CALLED IT! Gloria Allred Accuser **ADMITS** She Tampered With Roy Moore’s Yearbook ‘Signature’. 

Technically that is true because she did alter the original signature, which included a date, by adding a location, and didn’t reveal she had did so until questions arose. Then after Politifact raked the story as false, Facebook, who at the time used Politifact as a “fact checker” downranked the article so that it was not easily found unless someone went directly to the GP page and scrolled to find it. … 

as a search finds quite a few stories and images, showing Gmail has been doing this for years to certain emails. 

What this indicates to me is a desire on the part of big tech to “scare” Independent Media readers into not interacting with each other, or “scaring” them away from opening a newsletter they have subscribed to and confirmed via email, before ever receiving one.

And, what about Facebook!?

A Washington Times reporter reported:

Facebook censorship of anti-vaccination movement will backfire

Facebook censors have found a new target, it seems.

Company executives told Bloomberg News that they're considering cutting from their pages any news that undercuts vaccinations - meaning, anyone who disagrees with the government about the need to vaccinate kids will see one of their key platforms completely shuttered.

Move over conservatives. Apparently, the new enemy of the social media people is - drumroll, please - the anti-vaccination movement. ...

Facebook's job is not to censor. In fact, its mission statement, amended as it was in 2017, is to "give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together."

That means even those with views that go against the grain ought to be included in Facebook discussions, in Facebook recommended news feeds, among Facebook media pages. If not, why not?

Or the better question: What's to fear?

Facebook ought to think carefully before shutting down the exchange of ideas on vaccinations. Censorship isn't just un-American. It can actually spark backlash.

But it's much more than just vaccination or no vaccination! Facebook is actually attacking religious views as well as political views! The Owensboro Church of Jesus Christ is being banned from sharing on one of their Facebook pages!

And, YouTube has also been using the whip on us, using their algorithms to severely limit our viewing count.

YouTube Will Determine What 'Conspiracy' Is and Stop Recommending Such Videos

While the evolution of Google’s YouTube from a free expression platform into something entirely different has been underway for a while, it just took another step in a very short-sighted and restrictive direction. NBC News reports:

YouTube has announced that it will no longer recommend videos that “come close to” violating its community guidelines, such as conspiracy or medically inaccurate videos… Chaslot said that YouTube’s fix to its recommendations AI will have to include getting people to videos with truthful information and overhauling the current system it uses to recommend videos.

There’s a lot to unpack here so let’s get started. First, it appears YouTube has announced the creation of a new bucket when it comes to content uploaded to the site. It’s no longer just videos consistent with company guidelines and those that aren’t, but there’s now a category for “conspiracy or medically inaccurate videos.” This is a massive responsibility, which neither YouTube or anyone else seems fit to be judge and jury. In other words, YouTube is saying it’s comfortable deciding what is “conspiracy” and what isn’t. Which brings up a really important question.

“Conspiracy” and covering up conspiracies is a fundamental part of the human experience, and always has been. It demonstrates extreme hubris for a tech giant to claim it can differentiate between a legitimate conspiracy to explore, versus an illegitimate one. One person’s righteous investigation is another’s conspiracy theory, with Russiagate serving as an obvious contemporary example.

Now, because of this persecution from YouTube and their algorithm biases, we in the Owensboro Church of Jesus Christ have taken steps over this past year to be able to prolong our presence on the Internet should YouTube someday outright suspend our accounts as it has done to others. 

Friends, we're not just making this up - it's real! As the wisest man of his time wrote, "A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; ..." - Proverbs 22:3; TLB.

Also, there are some who believe the solution is to switch browsers to a relatively new one called Brave:

How to avoid censorship by changing browsers

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) monitor your web activity.

Government, law enforcement, or political pressure can force ISPs to restrict the content you see, effectively censoring the internet.

They might also do it in accordance with their own ideologies, filtering content to support their vision for a better world, whether you agree with it or not.

The Co-Founder of Mozilla has developed a new browser that lets you stay anonymous while browsing the web.

It's called Brave.

Brave uses sophisticated anti-snooping technology, including spyware, adware, and tracker blocking features to hide you from prying eyes.

The founder of Brave was forced to resign from Mozilla (Firefox) because he had - a few years ago - sent some support money to a traditional marriage initiative in Californication (which did pass at that time). In my opinion, though Brave could help some users, evil people (inspired by Satan the devil) are out in this world, looking to manipulate anything they can get their hands on. And, it does not help at all if Facebook or YouTube bans a user outright.

Friends, the Bible shows us that a united European totalitarian dictator is soon to rise again in this end-time - Revelation 13; 17:12-13.

Even now - in this 21st century - in the United States of America (and especially in other parts of the world) we are seeing ever-growing calls for restrictions and censorship!

Europe has been placing a lot of pressure on "Big Tech" to censor, including fining them!


Jesus Christ our Savior and Elder Brother said, "...' the night is coming when no one can work.'" - John 9:4; NKJV.

God's living Word - the Bible - tells us of a time soon-coming when the very TRUTH of the Almighty will not be found. And, that would appear - in this 21st century world - would mean that His TRUTH would be taken off the Internet. The Internet is accessed by people of every country, and so internet restrictions/suspensions/site removals will grow exponentially.

Prophet Amos, inspired by the Spirit of God wrote:

"'Behold, the days are coming,' says the Lord GOD, 'That I will send a famine on the land, Not a famine of bread, Nor a thirst for water, But of HEARING THE WORDS OF THE LORD. 12) They shall wander from sea to sea, And from north to east; They shall run to and fro, seeking the WORD OF THE LORD, But shall not find it.'" - Amos 8:11-12; NKJV.

Indeed, a great many "Big Tech" companies are already biased against God and His Word, along with those who claim to teach what the Bible truly says.

Sadly, the greater majority of this world's churches are complying! 

The biblical reality is that the "Orwellian" suppression of the truth is now here!!

Be sure to read - The Prophecy Series: End-Time Babylon by Michael C. Garrett. It's an eye-opening for sure!

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